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This section is a chance for me (and others, if you write me) to rave about their favorite Knightmare Chess combinations and cards. My current favorite? Pacifism and Fatal Attraction. It's a little more subtle than a Fireball, but almost as damaging. Fatal Attraction allows you to "freeze" all pieces within one square of the piece you designate as a "magnet". This is a continuing effect, which lasts until the "magnet" is captured or moved. Obviously, you can prevent yourself from moving the piece. Pacifism prevents the piece from being captured. Voila! You've locked up 14% of the board and, if you were smart, several of your opponent's major pieces.

Okay, wiseguy. Why not just fireball the same 3x3 square and be done with it? Three reasons:
- You can start the Fatal Attraction/Pacifism combo after a capture, which you can't do with a Fireball. Captures can often get you into the 7th rank of your opponent - use a bishop to capture the knight pawn early in the game and you'll gain a pawn, lock a pawn, rook, knight and possibly a bishop in exchange for a bishop. Rock on. Play Fatal Attraction at the end of your turn, Pacifism at the beginning of your next turn.
- Sometimes you want to complicate the board. Extensive fireballing turns into simple, quick, brutal endgames. If you're playing with alternate victory conditions, like King of the Mountain, (or just not very good at endgames!) you want to make the board a complicated place.
- You can "undo" a FA/Pacifism. You can't undo a Fireball. Why would you ever want to undo such destruction? Well, if you're about to be mated and that bishop can capture the queen or block the mate, you'll really appreciate the option to undo.

More favorite cards and combos coming soon.