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In the future, I'd like to use this as a showcase for successful Knightmare Chess decks. I'm soliciting my playing companions for decks, but will inflict my two current decks on you for starters. House rules where we play dictate unique cards and 120 points per deck - that's why you won't see repeats of any cards in our decks.

My Stasis Deck
The strategy behind this deck was to bring play on the board to a screeching halt. There are a number of strong cards in KC that allow you to restrict movement on the board, which can be useful in slowing your opponent's development, or keeping him humble if he's managed to gain a substantial material advantage. The Stasis Deck hopes to force your opponent to a near-stalemate while keeping enough of your pieces mobile to accomplish a checkmate... or to win through the tricky King of the Mountain alternate victory condition (once KotM is in play, whoever's King can occupy one of the four center squares for three consecutive turns wins.)

The deck:
from KC:

Hostage - 9
Ghostwalk - 5 (probably going to remove this soon)
Man Trap - 6
Forbidden City - 5 (one of the crucial cards)
Fortification - 7 (THE crucial card)
Truce - 5
Pacifism - 3
Fatal Attraction - 8
(Pacifism and Fatal Attraction is my favorite combo currently...)
from KC2:
King of the Mountain - 3
Unbeliever - 3
Bribery - 10
Court Politics - 3 (also crucial)
Demotion - 10
Mesmerize - 7
Medusa - 10
Hand to Hand - 7(Not necessary, but quite fun)
Freeze - 4
Plague - 5
Battlefield Promotion - 10

This deck is currently unbeaten, but I suspect that's just because no one's played a deck designed to counter it. It would be extremely vulnerable to Peace Talks, Diplomatic Immunity and other cards designed to remove lasting effects. (Counterspell destroys the deck entirely.)My strategy with this deck is to begin tying up the spaces around the center four squares from move one. Ideally I'll put a Fortification between d and e5 and d and e6, protecting the northern border of those squares and constraining black's pawn movement. A Forbidden City on c5 or c6 is also unfriendly. The endgame largely centers on tying up enough of your opponent's pieces with a piece of yours which is Pacified and subject to Fatal Attraction - it can now tie up a 3x3 chunk of the board and can't be captured.

The Recurring Fireball
Is it just me, or does Fireball seem ludicriously overpowered to anyone else? I was realizing that I couldn't see a reason not to put a Fireball in my deck and decided this meant I'd build a deck that could Fireball as often as possible. If all goes well (?!!!) you can get four Fireballs out of this deck: one with the card itself, a replay of your own with Legacy, and replays of your opponents with Counterthrust and Haunting Memories. Of course, for you to play four, your opponent has to cast two. I didn't say it would be pretty.

The Deck:
From KC:

Fireball - 10 (But of course...)
Legacy - 10
Haunting Memories - 6
Fanatic - 2
Evil Eye - 9 (More blood, more blood!)
Plots within Plots - 8 (Potentially a very vicious card)
Forced March - 3
Riposte - 10
Irresistable Force - 5 (Comes in handy along with Fanatic...)
From KC2:
Warlord - 10
Heir - 10 (Play Warlord and Heir and you're unlikely to get checkmated. It's that simple...)
Inquisition - 9
Take Back This Evil Day - 10
Survivor's Reward - 6
Brothers in Arms - 9
Counterthrust - 3

My luck with this deck has been spottier - if you can't get the Warlord/Heir combination out early, the game can become a bloodbath and you may find yourself with insufficient material to apply the coup de grace.

Got a great deck you'd like to see featured here? Let me know.