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Knightmare Chess...
The best game you're not playing!

Welcome to my Knightmare Chess resource page. I'm an avid fan of this fantastic game, produced by Steve Jackson games, and I've been dissapointed to find few pages on the web regarding the game. (Hence the slogan. If you are playing this game, please contact me and help keep the page fresh!) This page is intended as an introduction to the game for folks who haven't already discovered it, and as a center for people actively playing the game to trade strategies, successful decks, great combos, etc. I hope to keep the page updated regularly and to expand the content with input from other knightmarephiles.

Legal disclaimers: I am in no way associated with the fine folks at Steve Jackson Games. I'm merely an appreciative fan. If you have a problem with any of the content or images on this page, please contact me. Contact info is in the contact section.

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Last Updated 4/29/99

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